Our 10 Questions

We’ve laid out the 10 questions that the Government must answer…


  1. Will we stay in the single market?
  2. Will we continue to pay into the EU budget and follow its rules?
  3.  Will we stay in customs union?
  4.  How will EU migration be controlled?
  5.  When can the first new Free Trade Agreements be expected?
  6.  Will there be a transitional period after we quit the EU?
  7.  Will Scotland be given a reason to avoid leaving the UK?
  8.  Will there be controls at the Irish border?
  9.  How do we ensure we can fight cross-border problems such as terrorism, crime and global warming?
  10.  How do we guarantee the NHS, universities, farmers and industry get the talent they need?


…but what are your views? Share them below and your MP will be able to see precisely what their constituents think.

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