Ask your MP to support the Lords amendment

  • The House of Lords is expected to amend the Brexit bill so that Parliament has the final say on Brexit, as #WhatsThePlan has been calling for.

    But it is unclear how the government will react. Will it seek to overturn the amendment in the House of Commons, disarm potential rebellious MPs by offering concessions so they don’t agree to what peers are proposing or accept the Lords’ amendment?

    The democratic logic for Parliament to approve any deal Theresa May agrees – or to authorise her to end negotiations with the EU if she can’t do a deal – is impeccable. Last year’s referendum didn’t give her a blank cheque to quit the EU in whatever way she deemed fit. She wasn’t even prime minister at the time.

    It is, therefore, vital that we keep up the pressure on the government. Write to your MP now urging them to support the Lords’ amendment.
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